1040x GAC-2 Ultraflexible double shielded 2-conductor microphone cable

GAC-2 (10401-10412)
Balanced double shielded audio cable! Ultraflexible professional audio cable for microphones. 'Double Reussen shield', velvet matte non-light reflecting PVC-jacket material. A unique separation tube between conductors and shields provides increased stability flexibility and protection of the conductors. Ideal cable for accomodation of XLR-connectors (Amphenol, Neutrik or Switchcraft!).
Similar cables are available as ultrastrong PUR (10502) version and as an extra low noise version (10421) with conductive seperation tube for minimal handling noise for film microphone booms.

LFOC higher grade copper at best standards for best performance.



1 = Jacket: PVC, max  Ø 5.40 mm
2 = Shield No. 1 Bare copper wires (0.10 mm) 100% coverage
3 = Shield No. 2 Bare copper wires (0.10 mm) 100% coverage
4 = Separation: PVC, Ø 3.1 mm, white tube
5 = Insulation: PVC, white and brown Ø 1.2 mm, wrapped, twisted pair
6 = Conductor: Stranded bare copper wires 48 x 0.07 mm (0.19 mm²)

Technical Datas:

Conductor resistance:    < 90 ohm/km
Shielding resistance:    < 20 Ohm/km
Capacitance: cond/cond:  < 125 nF/km
  cond/shield  < 189 nF/km
Test voltage: cond/cond:  500 veff
  cond/shield  2000 veff
Temperature range: flexi-installed: -5° to +50° C
  fix-installed: -30° to +70° C

Ordering Information:

Order No. Type Type Colour Spool Size Weight/
 Shipping Unit
10401 GAC-2 5.4 mm red 100m 4.70 kg 4x100m
10403 GAC-2 5.4 mm pink 100m 4.70 kg 4x100m
10404 GAC-2 5.4 mm blue 100m 4.70 kg 4x100m
10405 GAC-2 5.4 mm black 100m 4.70 kg 4x100m
10406 GAC-2 5.4 mm yellow 100m 4.70 kg 4x100m
10407 GAC-2 5.4 mm mint 100m 4.70 kg 4x100m
10408 GAC-2 5.4 mm black 300m 15.20 kg 2x300m
10409 GAC-2 5.4 mm black 1000m 47.00 kg 1x1000m
10412 GAC-2 5.4 mm green 100m 4.55 kg 4x100m

Retail Prices:

Order Nr. Analog balanced Cables Length/
Color **shipping unit CHF (Swiss Francs) Export EUR
per spool * per meter per spool * per meter
GAC-2 PVC 100 m black/blue/
 4x100m    173.25  2.15 152.75  1.90
10408 GAC-2 300m 300 m black  2x300m     519.60  2.15   458.20  1.90
10409 GAC-2 1000m 1000 m black  1x1000m  1'701.20  2.15 1'500.20  1.90
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Pricelist made up leads/Cable assemblies

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Balanced XLR wiring instruction: 
Pin1= shields, Pin2= brown (Signal+),  Pin3= white (Signal -).
Should space not allow to solder all strands of the many shields, you can put only each a few strands of each layer of the shields to ground Pin 1. Cut away any spare strands from the shields and secure that no loose strands are hanging around. Use a shrinking tube to avoid short ciricuits. We do not recommend to put any ground to the body shell on either side of your XLR line. The connector shell will get to ground once plugged into a receptacle.
Having your shields put on the connectors shell is dangerous! Imagine, a loose cable can make contact with another loose cable connector having a different ground potential. So the metal connector is conductive and shall not carry your audio ground used on the shieldings of your audio signal. It can interfere with other "grounds" such as video, data of power grounds, which are potentially different! So keep "grounds" separate!

RCA/Phono/Jack unbalanced wiring using balanced wire:
Many clients use our balanced  2 conductor cable also for unbalanced interconnects. In this case we recommend to only use 1 conductor (brown) for your signal and put all other wires or parts thereof to ground with the shields. This will increase your noise protection! However for unbalanced application we do have our perfect unbalanced wires 1001x, and 1000x.
Unbalanced Stereo & 2 Channels (loop) application:
We actually do not support the idea to use a 2 conductor cable for stereo unbalanced wiring, however it will be done and can be made with acceptable compromise regarding crosstalk and similar. Again all the shields to ground but not to the body shell of your XLR connector. Check our perfect stereo cables 12001/13001 or our conductor shielded Starquad 11301 for real quality stereo wiring!