Stereo Phono/Chinch/RCA lead with 12010

Stereo Phono/ RCA / Chinch Kabel analog Audio,  (unbalanced)

 GAC-1 Twin 12010 

Each signal line conductor is protect by our exclusive "double Reussen shield". Two layers of copper wires with each 100% coverage secure minimal crosstalk, maximal RF-rejection and excellent flexibility of the whole construction. With this concept of shielding and production, the cable is the best possible consent of reliability, flexibility and signal production. Tinned copper wires to enable easy soldering. Colour coded left (yellow) and right (red) channel. Parallel joint can easy be separated to have individual lines particularly for Y-lines and adapters.

Connector: 2x RCA/Phono/Chinch  Typ ACPR-xx (Pro-Serie Gold contacts) or Gotham RCA


GAC-1 Twin (Stereo Phono line) (12010)
dounble reussen shielded
Amphenol ACPR  - XX Serie RCA Connector
Gotham Hi-End RCA

Retail Prices / Ordering Information: (July 2022)

order Code 3 Meter Wire used Code Color Connector Lenght Price +/- 1m
KO12010AMRCA03 GAC-1 Twin 12010

 ACPR-XX male-to -male

3.0m 73.55 65.05 3.05 2.70
KO12010GCRCA03 GAC-1 Twin 12010 3.0m 111.80 98.85 3.05 2.70
KO12010T3K-RCAM03 GAC-1 Twin 12010
 ACPR-XX male to Stereojack
3.5mm Amphenol
3.0m 73.55 65.05 3.05 2.70
Tondose wire
GAC-1 Twin 12010
 ACPR-XX Male -to-Male
plus Ground drain spade
3.0m 122.00 107.90 3.05 2.70

+/- 1m You can adjust the desired cable length!
Prices indicated are always per piece with a 3 meter length. If you need a pair, please order 2pc. We assemble each cable manually in our own lab in Dietikon. Allow a few days delivery delay. Some stock available for immediate shipment. We can only invoice full meters but you can ask your cable per cm specified. Therefore 1.50 meter would be charged like 2.00 meter. We will confirm/quote correct price/delivery after receipt of your inquiry/order. All cables are made individually and indicated dimensions and lenght are estimated and possible tolerances of +/- 3% are possible.
Shipped from Switzerland:  Cable assemblies we can only ship from Swiss sales office in Dietikon Switzerland.

Please inquire via contact and avoid entering all datas. You can also simply send us an email to