Flea Market / used Gear swiss Domestic offerings

3. Floor Flea-market

You will find hundreds of incredible products. All products are being displayed and are ready for purchase at our 3rd floor warehouse.

Here you can find actual stock list with all available gear:

updated full link:    XLS File

Concept of this sale: 
See some pictures at the (gallery).  and get an impression of stuff available. Items are always sold to the highest bidder. Refer to our constantly updated lists! All is subject to prior sale.
If you are ready to pay our estimated price, you can close the deal with a downpayment (Paypal to paypal@gotham.ch) of 20% of price (CHF 300.-- Maximum!) and we reserve the unit for you.
Kindly understand that we not  have in all cases a firm idea of reasonable price and we are ready to negotiate with you for each individual item to find a fair price we all can live with.
Especially the very rare and in some cases very exotic products will need discussions about a fair price. Feel free to come and visit and give us your bid. Or send your reasonable offer per email. If we and our supplier and legal owner of the inventory are considering your offer as fair and reasonable, we will sell immediately!