Gotham Cable Product Overview Metric

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Analog (Phono)
Digital (Coax)
Starquad 4-conductor
Microphone Cables
Balanced 3-conductor
Microphone Cables

Balanced 2 conductor
Microphone Cables
Balanced Digital Cables
110 Ohm (AES-EBU/DMX)
Installationwire Analog
balanced analog
Installationwire Digital
110 Ohm (AES-EBU /DMX)
Stereo Cables
Analog (Installation)
Starquad Snake
Analoge Multiway 4 conductor


Multipair Cables
Analog Snake Balanced.

Multipair Cables
Digital 110 Ohm Snake



 DMX-110 Ohm
DMX-LED Hybrid
Tube Microphone 7-conductor
4 Conductor Headset Cable
Hook-up Wire
10-26 AWG


Loudspeaker Cables PVC Loudspeaker Cables FRNC
for installation
 Shielded Mains Power
Duplex Shielded
Power Cables


Hybrid Cables
Power & Signal
Media Control cables
CAT-5e Datawire
Videocables 75 Ohm
Special Offers
Remant cable sale


Madeup cable assemblies
soldered at Gotham
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made-up leads (Swiss Made)    Link:      mains power cable assemblies

Velcro Tapes with Gotham Logo for cable assemblies

Only available from Swiss Sales office.
All Swiss made cable assemblies will be equipped with this feature at no additional costs