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Spring 2020:

Statement about Gotham Audio situation in USA/Canada:

I am Franz Ammann CEO and President Gotham Audio (est. 1958) global headquarters in Switzerland (since 1983).

We are facing an issue with Lewis Frisch and his USDA Sales organisation in Nazareth PA for already more than a year. Frisch family was our USA distributor for 15+ years. Due to lack of payments to us for made deliveries/sales from our stock in USA and trademark fraud using our brand and name unauthorized, we no longer support/supply "our" USA office and will reorganise USA distribution as we speak. Unfortunately our entire consignment stock and sole property in USA warehouse was stolen by Mr Frisch and his relatives and no wonder he has no stock from certain products.

We do not supply them anymore for more than a year and they are not authorized to use our brand and logos.

We are considering criminal charges but due to exorbitant lawyer fees and court costs and the quite obvious bankruptcy of the Frisch family, leaves us little choices at present. Our only opportunity is to make everyone aware about the background of the issue and the theft of our assets by the Frisch family. Of course we are still hoping to find  partners to help to force our large inventory out of Frisch family hold, but again potentially we have to consider all stolen and lost and there are just personal measures for us as last option we will potentially have to select.

Meanwhile we can gladly supply any products into USA/CA either from Swiss inventory or our export warehouse in Germany. All Gotham products are available from stock. We also have added many more products to our brand portfolio like connectors and lastly nice range of microphones!

See domains and links here:

Shipping is rather easy and even smaller shipments can be sent from Swiss stock on hand for very reasonable DHL fees.  50kg (100lbs) of wire shipped from Switzerland can be sent to USA for approx. 200$ door to door. We have reasonable DHL corporate fees.

Should you like to consider buying direct from us, pls do not hesitate to ask for a quotation. Pls indicate destination address and details and we can quote. No online store, simple email indicating our part numbers (10701 = GAC-3 in gray 100m spool) and desired quantity will do nicely. There is no minimum order but a price difference if you buy per meter or full spools. Best price is you buy full spools or ask for remnant spools.

There is also a sale list with very attractive selection of wire on remnant spools for low net prices.

See our metric web site as best reference for wire but we also have an imperial web site giving imperial measures. See links below.
USA recommended retail prices are indicated on our web site and based on your setup and status we can grant Dealer and volume discounts.

Please indicate your estimated ordering volume and we can gladly quote. We so far have found a few new dealers and good clients in USA and they appreciate our even lower prices and better terms in comparison with Lewis prices and services .
Even if you need to make an import. We so far do not see big fees and issues importing our wire especially when shipped by DHL.


Please inquire via contact and avoid entering all datas. You can also simply send us an email to