2 Channel construction PVC and FRNC analog audio

2 Channel Construction PVC and FRNC Analog Audio

GAC-2 pair flat PVC
double shielded
GAC-2 pair flat FRNC
double shielded
GAC-2 pair round PVC
double shielded
stereo phono line (12010)
double shielded for
RCA unbalanced
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Order No. Analog Multipair Cables Length/
Color **shipping unit CHF (Swiss Francs) € (Euro)
per spool * per meter per spool * per meter
12001 GAC-2pair flat balanced 200 m dark gray  2x200m 485.05  3.00 427.70  2.65
12206 GAC-2/pair foil flat balanced FRNC  150 m black 4x150m 181.95  1.50 160.45  1.35
12010 GAC-1 twin unbalanced 100 m black  4x100m 219.25  2.75 193.35  2.45
13001 GAC-2pair round balanced 150 m dark gray  2x150m 441.60  3.65 389.45  3.25