Paypal rules @ Gotham!


Did you know?

  • Your paypal account is not protected by law? Your funds can always be taken from you by PayPal’s final jurisdiction.
  • Paypal has the right, under their user agreement, to "manage" your PayPal account and its possible values/funds at their sole and final discretion!
  • in spite of their dominant (and false) advertising, promising extensive security and value protection, at the end of the day or any possible transaction, they can decide final about "your" valuables on your account. (Unless you want to file a lawsuit at their location. i.e. Singapore!)
  • Paypal is acting and appearing like a bank but their clever setup is between the public laws, they are giving an impression all is save and by law, but rest assured their measures and rules are only to protect their final interests and you have to comply with their jurisdiction.
  • Paypal is giving the payment senders all kind of promises for security, take a big commission (5%!) but charge the recipient of the payment to their liking and undefined policy anytime. The "seller" has no title to any payments received what so ever. Paypal can always charge back any payment if they like!
  • Now they even changed their "rules" again, a seller/supplier can no more set an invoice for services and even if no delivery  to a payment was agreed upon Paypal promises buyers protection at recipient’s expenses (for still the same fee of 5%!)
  • Also Paypal promises buyers protection for any sent payment regardless if a delivery was made or had to be made. At recipient’s expenses of course!

Gotham specific to our services

We are using Paypal for smaller shipments of wire mainly for samples or parcels below 2kg. Because our cables are very heavy and shipping around the globe is pricey we were trying to minimise total costs by using most economical services, but these shipping methods are not accepted by Paypal rules and once a recipient claimed not the have received goods (even if he did!)  We lost payment due to the lack of delivery evidence. So used to state Services on our payment invitation to put some payment safety on the funds. But now Paypal has deleted this feature leaving all responsibility to us the recipient!


  • Gotham Organization will only accept Paypal funds from selected individuals.
  • we will give 2 payment options to each transaction, one with paypal buyer’s protection shipping services and another one with most economical shipping.
  • 1. Payment option with Swiss Post Priority Service and/or courier service with delivery receipt as per paypal policy and of course buyer’s protection and shipping insurance.
  • 2. Payment option for most economical shipping (Post letter or similar, no tracking number and no delivery receipt). No buyer’s protection offered by us and this must be specifically confirmed by the payers!
  • uncalled payments to any paypal-accounts from our organizations will be returned/refused.
  • Paypal payers address must match with delivery address in any case.
  • we must have a valid phone number of the delivery location.
  • Payer must confirm address used on our shipping documents prior to departure of goods.  (Confirm our Proforma Invoice)
  • Transactions on paypal only in CHF (Swiss Francs) and to a maximum of 400.-- CHF per transaction. One can split payments for 1 transaction.
  • Paypal fees (3.5% to 5%!!) to be covered by the payer in full! We will charge fees additional to our Proforma Invoice


Gotham is running bank accounts in US$, Euro and CHF  in Switzerland, offering payment options at reasonable fees.
Please consider payments by wire, we issue legal paperwork and invoices giving you full title of any purchase you made with us! Gotham is in the Industry for 62+ years and we are still here! You can call and email us we always reply in short time! Try us!
No Credit cards, Western Union, Moneybookers? Same thing! High fees and no security!

No minimum orders/no fees:

Please consider, that we in return offer sales of any size of order. No fees, no minimum orders and we charge shipping fees according
to used freight forwarder.  We appreciate every order and only request you follow our payment terms.