01060 GVC-1 SDI cable PVC or FRNC (01061)

Professional 75 Ohm videocable with dual shield. Flexible construction.SDI capable. Low signal loss with solid conductor.
LFOC higher grade copper at best standards for best performance. Industrial standard videocables meeting all standards.

Same cable available as FRNC non corrosive  Halogen free version available (PN 01061) FRNC = Flame Retardant Non Corrosive and halogen free


1 = Jacket: PVC Ø 6.0 mm black /alternative FRNC P/N 01061
2 = Shield No. 1 Braiding with tinned copper wire (0.10 mm)
Coverage min. 91%
3 = Shield No. 2 Aluminium foil
4 = Insulation: Foam-PE Ø 3.66 mm
5 = Conductor: Solid bare copper wire Ø  0.82 mm 

Technical Datas:

Inner conductor resistance:   33 Ohm/km
Outer conductor resistance:   13 Ohm/km
Screening efficiency:   > 90 dB
Attenuation: at 1 MHz < 1.0 dB/100m
  at 3.6 MHz < 1.7 dB/100m
  at 10 MHz < 3.2 dB/100m
  at 71.5 MHz < 7.3 dB/100m
  at 135 MHz < 9.7 dB/100m
  at 180 MHz < 11.1 dB/100m
  at 270 MHz < 13.6 dB/100m
  at 360 MHz < 15.8 dB/100m
  at 540 MHz < 18.6 dB/100m
  at 720 MHz < 22.8 dB/100m
  at 1000 MHz < 27.1 dB/100m
  at 1500 MHz < 34.8 dB/100m
  at 2250 MHz < 42.3 dB/100m
Impedance:   75 Ohm
Capacitance:   < 54 pF/mt.
Return Loss (RL):   > 20dB up to 2.25 GHz
Digital frequency data
transmission distances :
SMPTE 259M composite NTSC 143 Mb/s 410m (max.)
ITU-R BT. 601 compsoite PAL 177 Mb/s 375m (max.)
SMPTE 259M component video 270 Mb/s 310m (max.)
SMPTE 259M compressed HDTV 360 Mb/s 271m (max.)
SMPTE 344M compressed HDTV 540 Mb/s 220m (max.)
SMPTE 292M HDTV 1485 Mb/s 84m (max.)

Ordering Information:

Order No.
Spool Size
01060 GVC-1 SDI/CE 6.0 mm black 300m 15.0 kg 2x300m
01061 GVC-1 SDI/CE FRNC 6.0 mm black 300m 15.0 kg 2x300m

Retail Prices July 2022:

Order Nr. Video Cables Length/
Color **shipping unit CHF (Swiss Francs) € (Euro)
per spool * per meter per spool * per meter
01060 GVC-1 SDI/CE PVC 300 m schwarz  2x300m 567.75  2.30 502.05  2.05
01061 GVC-1 SDI/CE FRNC 300 m schwarz   2x300m 567.75  2.30 502.05  2.05

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Please inquire via Contact and avoid entering all datas, you can simply send us an email to info@gotham.ch