Coax digital (S/PDIF) 10070

Unbalanced digital, audio signal leads with precise 75 Ohm impedance cables. Perfect for S/PDIF signals.
Low attenuation by using real silver coated conductor and shield. Attractive and very compact phonoplug (gold plated).


Wire:  GAC-1 S/PDIF  10070   (blue only

Connector:  RCA/Phono/Chinch  Type ACPR-xx (Pro-Serie mit Goldcontact).

choice of colors
  • black, red yellow, white, green  other connectors on request 
  • New June 2016: with top quality     GC-RCA1/RCA2

GAC-1 S/PDIF  10070 

Amphenol ACPR  - XX Serie RCA choice of color

Retail Prices / Ordering Information (May 2021): 

Order Nr. Cable type Code Connector Length Price each +/- 1m

GAC-1 S/PDIF  10070

10070 blue

ACPR-XX (colour)

3.0m 42.75 37.80 3.40 3.00
+/- 1m You can adjust the desired cable length!
Prices indicated are always per piece with a 3 meter length. If you need a pair, please order 2pc. We assemble each cable manually in our own lab in Dietikon. Allow a few days delivery delay. Some stock available for immediate shipment. We can only invoice full meters but you can ask your cable per cm specified. Therefore 1.50 meter would be charged like 2.00 meter. We will confirm/quote correct price/delivery after receipt of your inquiry/order. All cables are made individually and indicated dimensions and lenght are estimated and possible tolerances of +/- 3% are possible.
Shipped from Switzerland:  Cable assemblies we can only ship from Swiss sales office in Dietikon Switzerland.

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