Conductor shielded Starquad cable to RCA connectors

our 11301/GAC4  Ultra Pro is a conductor shielded star-quad audio cable actually to accommodate balanced audio signals over a 4 conductor cable, to get the utmost possible shielding. This is what we designed with this product as first intention.

However, many clients started to use this very elaborate cable construction for RCA unbalanced analogue interconnects and they all saw/hear perfect results and for this reason we also started to offer this wire with RCA connectors ready made in our own lab.

So we do offer this wire bulk or assembled for direct purchase (no MOQ)

If you like to make your own cable assembly using our wire we can guide you to our serviceinfo, how to solder:

In the case of 11301 in short, we recommend to use 2 conductors (red/pink) for signal and all other conductors and shields, at least parts thereof, to ground on both sides of the cable.
Catch as many copper-strands as space would permit. But you can reduce the so many strands and catch only a few per layer to bring together and solder to ground. Naturally you must work carefully in order to make sure no loose strands are there possibly making a short circuit. Use headshrinker tubes for safety.