Swiss made cable assemblies

Made-up Leads (Swiss Made) assembled and soldered in house @ Gotham Audio Dietikon Headquarters Switzerland

hi-end unbalanced
75 ohm
digital S/PDIF coax
hi-end balanced
starquad 4-conductor
XLR microphone leads
balanced 3 conductor
XLR lead
(Neumann Style)
balanced 2 conductor XLR analog leads
stereo wire
XLR analog
balanced AES-EBU
110 ohm XLR digital

speaker cables
banana plugs / spades
Guitar Cables 1/4" jack Hi-End power cords  230V
06-15 Amp for CH/DE/USA
Power cords  230V
06-15 Amp for DE/CH/UK/USA

HDMI Cables D-Sub25 to XLR Tube Cables 7 pin XLR Pricelists Leads

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