How to solder Gotham Cables with all these shields?


Balanced analogue Audio XLR wiring instruction  (2 conductor & shields)

3 Conductor Neumann Microphone XLR cable 10701/10801 wiring instruction

4 Conductor Starquad  Microphone XLR wiring instruction  (11301/11001/11051)

4 Conductor Starquad installation wiring instruction  11288


Unbalanced (RCA/Phono/Chinch) Audio Cable wiring instruction 1001x/1000x/6000x/12010

Power Cords : 85055,85025,86215 USA/Schuko/CH Connectors C/IEC/B/G

Conductor shielded Starquad Cable 11301 to RCA Connectors

7 Conductor shielded Tube Microphone Cable 20101 to 7 pin XLR Connectors

D-sub25 assemblies with Gotham snakes

Datasheet D-Sub diagram/wiring


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