How to solder Gotham Cables with all these shields?

Balanced analogue Audio XLR wiring instruction  (2 conductor & shields)

3 Conductor Neumann Microphone XLR cable 10701/10801 wiring instruction

4 Conductor Starquad  Microphone XLR wiring instruction  (11301/11001/11051)

4 Conductor Starquad installation wiring instruction  11288


Unbalanced (RCA/Phono/Chinch) Audio Cable wiring instruction 1001x/1000x/6000x/12010

Power Cords : 85055,85025,86215 USA/Schuko/CH Connectors C/IEC/B/G

Conductor shielded Starquad Cable 11301 to RCA Connectors


7 Conductor shielded Tube Microphone Cable 20101 to 7 pin XLR Connectors

How to order?


Gotham Cables are available from our Swiss service lab soldered as per your desires.
Each cable is being made in our own service lab by our own staff at highest standards and to your specification.
Visit our soldering department here:  LINK 

Pricelist made up leads/Cable assemblies from Swiss servicelab

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please ask for a quotation here: (link)  Enter your order/inquiry with a simple email to

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  We also provide an orderform (Doc) you can complete and email or fax to us.