XLR Lead with 3 Conductor balanced audio cable

featuring double Reussenshield and 115 dB RF noise cancellation wiring 5.00 mm or 5.80mm  Ø.

Also known as the legendary Gotham XLR cables, also known as "Neumann XLR Cable".


Wire: GAC-3 10701  3 conductor double shielded balanced wire with hairthin stranding (96x0.05 mm)
Choice of color black or dark gray, and black  or brown with 5.8mm diameter)

Why three conductors for an audio signal? Here are some answers:
Grounding/shielding: With the third conductor put to ground, together with the two shields, we have increased RF-rejection to 115dB (20dB better than standard) at 25 kHz.
Round Construction: 3-conductor constructions are round constructions, and since the cable has the freedom to move in all directions, especially on the strain relief of a connector, the cable will survive more movement cycles.
Phantom Power: The 3rd conductor can be wired as a drain wire for a reliable connection of phantom power to the microphone without affecting the shield.
Each of the three conductors consists of 96 (!!) strands of 0.05mm copper wires being the finest stranding for audio cables available which gives you improved flexibility, better signal transport and longer lifetime (moving cycles). (Heavy duty version with 5.8mm Ø also available)

Connector:  GCXLRFemale1BK/male1BK (Pro-Serie with gold Contacts) XL strain releif -12mm.
alternative :  Switchcraft - Consistently Excellent Since 1946  Switchcraft QGP322/323 (Vintage Pro-Serie with Gold contacts)

other connectors on request

As an additional option you could source the desired special connectors (any brand) and send them to us and we would assemble these connectors to our wires for a fee. But in our experience our Gotham connector are serving all needs for a very good interconnect at top standards. XLR we usually colour-code with  small piece of coloured shrinking tube on the wire rather than these colour-code rings used on NT which easy break and fall off.
Switchcraft - Consistently Excellent Since 1946


XLR Gold Series

Retail Prices / Ordering Information (July 2022):

Order Nr. Cable type color Connector Length Price each +/- 1m
KO10701GCXLR03 GAC-3 10701/black
10702/Dark gray
GC-XLRFemale1BK/Male1BK 3.0m 53.30 47.15 2.55 2.25




3.0m 96.80 85.60 2.55 2.25
KO10801GCXLR03 GAC-3 (5.8mm) 10801/10802 5.8mm GC-XLRFemale1BK/Male1BK 3.0m 53.80 47.55 2.70 2.40
KO10801QGP03 GAC-3 (5.8mm) 10801/10802 5.8mm QGP322/323 3.0m 96.65 85.45 2.70 2.40

+/- 1m You can adjust the desired cable length!
Prices indicated are always per piece with a 3 meter length. If you need a pair, please order 2pc. We assemble each cable manually in our own lab in Dietikon. Allow a few days delivery delay. Some stock available for immediate shipment. We can only invoice full meters but you can ask your cable per cm specified. Therefore 1.50 meter would be charged like 2.00 meter. We will confirm/quote correct price/delivery after receipt of your inquiry/order. All cables are made individually and indicated dimensions and lenght are estimated and possible tolerances of +/- 3% are possible.
Shipped from Switzerland:  Cable assemblies we can only ship from Swiss sales office in Dietikon Switzerland.

Please inquire via contact and avoid entering all datas. You can also simply send us an email to info@gotham.ch

How to wire 3-Conductor cables to XLR connectors:
3 Conductor cables 10701/10801  will best be wired/soldered as follows:

Each conductor to each Pin:  Pin1= green plus shields, Pin2= brown (Signal+),  Pin3= white (Signal -). Put each a few strands of each layer of the shields together with the green conductor to the ground Pin 1.
Cut away any spare strands from the shields and secure that no loose strands are hanging around. Use a shrinking tube to avoid short circuits. We do not recommend to put any ground to the body shell on either side of your XLR line. The connector shell will get to ground once plugged into a receptacle. The round construction of a 3 conductor cable will give many more moving cycles to your interconnect cable as the perfect round cable will distribute/allow any movement in any direction of the cables bending point at the connectors strain relief. This will give an extremely better (longer) lifespan of your cable.

RCA/Phono/Jack unbalanced wiring: Many clients use our 3 conductor perfect round cable also for unbalanced interconnects. In this case we recommend to only use 1 conductor (brown) for you signal and put all other wires or parts thereof to ground with the shields. This will increase your noise protection! However for unbalanced application we do have our perfect unbalanced wires 1001x, and 1000x.

Please inquire via Contact and avoid entering all datas, you can simply send us an email to info@gotham.ch