High-End Carbon & Duplex shielded 3x1.50mm² Mains power Cables

Wire: 86215 3x1.5mm² Duplex shield FRNC

Inspired by Mr. Josef Peter and Mr. Peter MacTaggart, Switzerland 
This revolutionary shielding concept was created with the kind help and recommendations of this 2 Swiss gentleman who are experts in protecting the environment from electrosmog. The modern source of even medical harm to your wellbeing and also to protect your audio gear from unwanted noise and disturbances caused by electrosmog. Power cables are strong transmitters of electrosmog and our Duplex shielding is the utmost possible shielding construction for your mains power cable. Either fix installed or on mobile power leads.

New   New developed and Gotham exklusive duplex twin shielding for highest possible EMC protection.
2 Individual and from each other seperated/isolated dual shields. Fire rated and shielded power cable for mains power to your Hi-End Audio Gear. This cable ensures best transport of needed energy to our device but due to effective shielding, this is protecting your signal cables nearby even better from humm and RF noise generated by the 50Hz signal going tru the power supply cable.  Also available as 3x1.5mm² (87215)  with solid wire conductors for fixed installation


Connector:    (Carbon and Gold Contacts)

other connectors on request.


Hi-End Carbon Connectors for
Swiss, Germany (EC Schuko) and USA mains power


Retail Prices / Ordering Information:

Order Nr. Cable type color Connector Length Price each +/- 1m

GPC  3x1.5mm²
86215 Duplex shielded

Black FRNC

GC-Hi-End Power Female 15Amp  (C13)
GC-HiEnd Power Male 15Amp
  (specify Country)

3.0m 352.75 311.95 11.25 9.95
Other country solutions on request. We assemble every cable individually and in our own servicelab.
C19 now also available
new also available:

GC-Power Male 15Amp  (UK Version)
UK Version applied with Fuse 15Amp

3 Pin Male Connector
Black surface.
fits cables up to 13.0mm Ø (85055)


Retail price each

SFr. 95.00

+/- 1m You can adjust the desired cable length!
Prices indicated are always per piece with a 3 meter length. If you need a pair, please order 2pc. We assemble each cable manually in our own lab in Dietikon. Allow a few days delivery delay. Some stock available for immediate shipment. We can only invoice full meters but you can ask your cable per cm specified. Therefore 1.50 meter would be charged like 2.00 meter. We will confirm/quote correct price/delivery after receipt of your inquiry/order. All cables are made individually and indicated dimensions and lenght are estimated and possible tolerances of +/- 3% are possible.
Shipped from Switzerland:  Cable assemblies we can only ship from Swiss sales office in Dietikon Switzerland.

Please inquire via contact and avoid entering all datas. You can also simply send us an email to info@gotham.ch